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Australia without their consent as as your own name well that that’s basicallya recipe for disaster because you’regoing to ruin your relationship withthat company because you don’t actuallyown that IP you don’t own the right tothat and I go to a lot of these traitorsand sometimes people people off andreally want to do.


the right thing butsometimes they don’t and sometimes theyactually are quite honest about notwanting to do the right thing so I’vebeen at the trade show when someone cameup to me once and said that he wants toregister all these foreign brand namesin Australia because he’s checked the IPregister and he made sure that they’renot registered and he wants to sell themlove to register.

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Them here and theywanted to sell them back to thosecompanies and their people to do thatand it’s incredibly unethical and it’sillegal because in many cases that thosecompanies will have that better claim tothoseso anyway make sure that that you thatyou don’t do that and then the design the register designs, unfortunately, property valuation methods youcan’t file them online but you canactually get a physical application formmight be Australia you fill it in thatyou can submit it or again you can gothrough an attorney member if you’redesigning clothing shoes hat then thatwill be classed .

your retailer I thinkI’ve Sports  don’t quote me other otheritems like accessories are complicatedbecause depending on if it’s a woodenbraces that for example that you sell orif it’s silver involved  differentclasses so just make sure it’s actuallyreally easy way to search on our websitesister class sir so

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It’s a fairly small panel with me and I’m not going to use any power point slides or anything I think it will be more useful if we just have an informal discussion so you welcome anytime to raise your hands and ask questions or to interact or challenge anything that.

I say i think a starting point to make is you know they’ve seen comments and discussions about valuation obviously over the last few days something that you have to bear in mind is that IP valuation has a number of different foundations that’s the first foundation to refer to is.

The whole body of knowledge behind corporate finance and business valuation so this is obviously you know well established a pool of knowledge they’ve been Nobel prizes awarded for four aspects of business valuation and so on so this is a very important area for IP values to be aware of, however.

It’s not the only it’s not the only body of knowledge that the other areas are obviously specific to the intellectual property and even although there is specific to IP they kind of split into different areas anyway so for a start it’s very important to understand.

The legal characters some intellectual property you know stands to reason if you were let’s look at another asset class if you if you buying a house you want to make sure exactly what the rights are and-and understand what-what you’re buying the same applies to IP and.

we had comments in the previous section complicated patterns can be similarly known trademarks and another IP can vary jurisdiction by jurisdiction so yes the-the legal rights associated with this isn’t a new area they ‘re specialists in that area that they ‘re their IP lawyers patent and trademark attorneys but that information really needs to be incorporated into

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The Yukon is already one of the leaders in the Canada in dealing with FAS. Among the steps the government has already taken are establishing a registry, which requires physicians to report cases of FAS, placing warning labels on alcohol bottles, and participating in the Prairie Northern FAS Partnership. Among the problems people with FAS may experience are learning difficulties, poor impulse control, behavioral difficulties, hyperactivity and extreme poor judgement that can lead to trouble with the law and substance abuse.


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the same time making sure that you do have some IP lawyers and so on working for you to try and you know build a bit of a fortress around what’s good but yes you could you can’t write it property valuers Melbourne you know in some markets that that the speed it is essential and you can’t spend too long counting you’recounting your pennies you’ve got to get into getting into the market I taking onion commercialized assets um have you-you have any war stories where you actually did a valuation perhaps using real options model that’s what you described and place the value in a non commercialized asset and then five years later perhaps when its commercialized look back again to see how far or near that value is once commercialized I’ve got an example i can use but i suppose one thing is it’s quite weird being a value because there’s no exact answer and probably every valuation you do could be proven to be wrong if you’re looking for precise answer but if you hopefully as a good value.

Geomatics Yukon is inviting Yukoners and visitors alike to search for the geocache. It is a box hidden within 225 kilometers of Whitehorse. It is no more than 15 kilometers from a major highway and at most a five-kilometer hike from a side road. The cache contains a guest book and pocket camera with an invitation for visitors to record themselves. The photos of visitors and their comments will be posted on the Geomatics Yukon website. It helps government, business, and the public organize and use GIS data. GPS equipment is becoming a common tool for tourists and back-country travelers as well as for.