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The Yukon is already one of the leaders in the Canada in dealing with FAS. Among the steps the government has already taken are establishing a registry, which requires physicians to report cases of FAS, placing warning labels on alcohol bottles, and participating in the Prairie Northern FAS Partnership. Among the problems people with FAS may experience are learning difficulties, poor impulse control, behavioral difficulties, hyperactivity and extreme poor judgement that can lead to trouble with the law and substance abuse.

The annual Premiers Conference will take place in Victoria, British Columbia on August 1st to 3rd. WHITEHORSE – A training exercise for Yukon government employees will challenge “geocache” adventurers to visit the Yukon. Eight government workers are being trained today to use geographic positioning systems (GPS) to find a secret hiding place for a cache of Yukon treasures. The workers will be given the location’s latitude and longitude and two hand-held GPS units. Once the “geocache” is established, it will remain in its secret location long after the training exercise.

Geomatics Yukon wants to encourage the use of GPS in an enjoyable and educational way, We want Yukoners and tourist to get to know the Yukon better by searching for this geocache. The challenge is to locate the secret cache using the latest technology for both a virtual and then a real treasure hunt. The adventurer starts out on the Internet with a web site description of the cache which includes the longitude and latitude. After tentatively locating the cache on a map, the adventurer then physically goes to the spot using a GPS for reference.

Geomatics Yukon is inviting Yukoners and visitors alike to search for the geocache. It is a box hidden within 225 kilometres of Whitehorse. It is no more than 15 kilometres from a major highway and at most a five kilometre hike from a side road. The cache contains a guest book and pocket camera with an invitation for visitors to record themselves. The photos of visitors and their comments will be posted on the Geomatics Yukon website. It helps government, business and the public organize and use GIS data. GPS equipment is becoming a common tool for tourists and back-country travelers as well as for Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors, land use planners and resource management professionals.

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North Cornwall District Council Leisure Services co-ordinated the event in partnership with the National Cyclo-Cross Association and a number of cycling providers in Cornwall. Bodmin Cycle Hire provided free bike hire for the Treasure Hunt and a leisure ride out to Lanhydrock house by Pedal back the Years. This has now become a regular ride in Bodmin on alternate Fridays and will be taking place this Friday at 12 noon starting from Bodmin Cycle Hire. Circus skills by Hayley Kneale and friends was extremely popular with a series of knife throwing displays, fire juggling, diablos and unicycling tricks to accompany the day.

Children enjoyed trying out there circus skills and joining in with the tricks. The course consisted of wooden ramps, jumps, sea-saws and balance beams that tested balance and jumping skills of local young people. There were many opportunities for those attending to watch the events taking place, Qualified bmt quantity surveyors or even join some of the leisurely rides and guided tours organised on the day.4

The 12 and under event was fun have a go session that lasted 10 minutes. All finishers were classified as winners and were awarded medals and certificates. It is our aim to raise the profile of cycling in North Cornwall and we would like to make this an annual event. The event had something for everyone from leisurely bike ride in the wood to fast and furious bike racing as well as the more extreme version of cycle stunts and jumps. Other activities included a safety scenario bicycle crash set provided by the Flashpoint safety Centre to encourage safe bike riding on roads.

NCDC Sustainable Development and Cornwall County Council provided two electric bikes where people were challenged to a course up the field and were able to have ago riding and getting used to the power. Information was available on all aspects of cycling and routes within Cornwall. North Cornwall District Council is bringing a range of organisations together under one roof so that advice on a wide variety of issues is at hand. It is important to stress that this Advice Day is not just for Boscastle it is aimed at people from any of the villages affected by the flooding on the 16th August. We hope that a lot of people will be able to come along and take advantage of the expert free advice that will be available on the day.